Quick Facts

Vision: To foster the new Generation of Africans inspired by Environmental Stewardship, community stability, as well as Economic sustainability.

Mission: To bridge human and wildlife prosperity through education for rural Africans with a focus on self-reliance, Economic and cultural-vitality, human health, as well as peace education.

Location: The heart of Kitobe Forest, an expansive fertile and mountainous rift valley, within walking distance to the world-renowned Gombe Stream National Park and Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania.

School within Walls: A private educational institution with environmentally low-impact residential facilities.

School-without-Walls: A village outreach program that provides conservation education for the public, addressing the complex environmental and social issues facing communities, generating support for conservation while also building vibrant human societies.

Projects: The goal is to blend environmental responsibility with positive economic opportunities for the people of the Lake Tanganyika Region.

Professional Development: Seminars and workshops educating and encouraging local teachers to incorporate human and ecological sustainability into their curriculum.

Student Body: Senior high school and college-age students with an average class size of 20 - comprised of equal numbers of men and women. Total student body of 200.

Student Enrollment: Gifted students are drawn from Tanzania and other neighboring war-torn countries of Burundi, Rwanda, and the Congo. Priority is given to applicants who have demonstrated a deep concern for local ecosystems and human communities.

Study Abroad Program: Fosters cross-cultural understanding and transnational dialogue about environmental and community relations in partnership with Utah State University and the Teton Science Schools in the USA.

Scholarships: Full funding is provided for all local students in need of financial assistance.

Faculty: Experienced international faculty with outstanding credentials.

Curriculum: Teach Tanzanian core material while immersing students in their traditional ways of life. The school employs highly innovative and grass-roots curriculum that harnesses the diverse talents and aspirations of youth to forge understanding, stability, and peace in the region (pending curriculum certification).

Launch Date: While the School-Without-Walls (or village outreach) program is functional, we hope to launch the residential school on April 1, 2009.

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