Early support from individuals and institutions has been crucial. GOSESO has advanced its mission of bridging human and wildlife prosperity in one of the most impoverished areas of Africa. Since its inception in 2004, GOSESO has accomplished so much. The following are examples.

1. Designed an innovative grass-roots and indigenous-based curriculum for GOSESO

2. Created a legally recognized and financially viable non-profit foundation based in Tanzania

3. Developed a unique framework to address issues facing Africans today. The need to alleviate poverty and improve conservation practices is attracting hundreds of worldwide viewers to our website daily,

4. Generated widespread grassroots support focused on environmental stewardship, community-building, and economic sustainability

5. Procured almost 500 acres at the center of the Kitobe Forest for the project's headquarters and site for environmental restoration and economically sustainable enterprise projects; with enough room of expansion in the future

6. Inventoried the flora and fauna of the entire Kitobe Forest. The study results reveal that our forest harbors at least 63 different plant species, 57 bird species, and 13 different species of mammals and reptiles

7. Above all, our strategic plan has enabled GOSESO to: (a) initiate economically significant yet environmentally sensitive demonstration projects; (b) lead critical educational programs for youth and adults; and (c) attract, apply, and channel resources, financial and human, to support environmental preservation by providing economic hope to the people of the region. The framework of the strategic plan has provided sound guidance in implementing these programs.