FacultyGOSESO strives to create the best environment for students to learn and apply information, to work individually and in groups, and to establish learning as a life-long process.

GOSESO seeks teachers who will move the curriculum and learning environment in the following directions:

  • Recognize the importance of a student's physical, social, and emotional well being;
  • Develop effective and cooperative team teaching methods;
  • Embrace and reinforce the school's mission;
  • Create meaningful classroom and outdoor learning experiences;
  • Create a supportive environment that encourages respect for differences in culture, gender, ethnic background, economic status, belief and value systems, and individual learning differences;
  • Create opportunities that allow all students to be challenged with academic achievement and experience success; and
  • Manage both indoor and outdoor classrooms in a respectful and friendly manner.

This philosophy and approach applies to all GOSESO facilities including the residential school, the Teacher Learning Center, and the Extension and Village Outreach Program.