School Forest

School-ForestGOSESO has procured 500 acres at the center of the Kitobe Forest for the project's headquarters and site for environmental restoration and economically sustainable enterprise projects. The forest is conveniently located. It is less than eight miles north of Kigoma town that links much of East and Central Africa via port, airport and railway. The forest's gentle slopes and easy access make it an ideal, cost effective construction site

The Kitobe Forest is an estimated 3,000-acre parcel of fertile, mountainous land within walking distance to Gombe Stream National Park and Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. This forest was once home to abundant wildlife including chimpanzees and lions and has now been pushed into environmental decline from the continuous consumption of firewood to feed brick-kilns (for home construction).

School_ForestAs forests in the region continue to decline, the forests of adjacent Gombe Park are bearing immense pressure of human survival. GOSESO is spearheading an initiative to enlist and engage, at a grassroots level, the citizenry and local government in establishing the Kitobe Forest as a model for environmental restoration and economically sustainable enterprise.

We are reintroducing several rare and endangered native trees in order to increase the diversity of the local ecosystem within Kitobe Forest. We have established a nursery that uses plant propagation and seed collection to grow saplings and seedlings. In 2007, we planted 20,000 saplings and seedlings throughout the forest. We have set a goal of planting 100,000 saplings and seedlings in 2008.

As the Kitobe Forest restoration efforts continue, it is our hope that more and more wildlife, including primates like chimpanzees, will move back into the forest. We are demonstrating a responsible, sustainable use of resources that can be replicated throughout Tanzania, the balance of Africa, and indeed, worldwide.