What Lies Ahead....

We are grateful for the support we have received from several institutions, foundations, and many committed individuals. This support has enabled us to attain our current project goals and to establish GOSESO as a model educational institution for the region.

We are launching the initial construction phase of the GOSESO campus with groundbreaking to begin this year. A Tanzanian-based construction firm will be employed to undertake this work. We plan to start building a student housing, a cafeteria, classrooms, a village outreach office, teachers' office building, and a guest house.

In the fall, as construction goes on, we have set a goal to recruit teachers and students. Most students will be drawn from western Tanzania and additional students will come from the neighboring war-torn countries of Burundi, Rwanda, and the Congo. Priority will be given to applicants who have demonstrated a deep concern for local ecosystems and human communities. We will employ a team of experienced faculty with outstanding credentials, those who embrace and reinforce the mission of GOSESO.

We are facing an ambitious goal for the first class of GOSESO students to commence studies on February 1, 2009.