School Without Walls

School-Without-WallsThe School without Walls philosophy incorporates conservation education for the public, which addresses the complex environmental and social issues facing the local people. The program aims to generate support for conservation while also building vibrant human communities. Our village outreach projects blend environmental responsibility with positive economic opportunities for the people of the Lake Tanganyika Region.

GOSESO will provide development seminars and workshops to local primary and secondary teachers in western Tanzania. These sessions are designed to encourage teachers to incorporate human and ecological sustainability content into their curriculum.

A large proportion of the faculty and student body at GOSESO will be involved in village outreach and extension projects. Various adult courses will be offered in villages, sometimes in the traditional style - under mango trees. Adult courses will include such topics as: environmental literacy, human health, basic literacy, responsible leadership and collaborative team work, finance management, and small business design and implementation.

We believe that educating and training poor people in these rural areas will eventually yield sustainable incomes. The goal is to replace income currently derived from charcoal and brick making, logging, poaching, and other methods which exploit local resources to the extent that they will inevitably become non-existent.