An extensive network of partnerships is being created to help make GOSESO a reality. Important partners for GOSESO in the US include Utah State University (USU) and the Teton Science Schools (TSS) in Wyoming. Once GOSESO is established, USU and the TSS hope to partner with GOSESO to create a study abroad program for American students who would serve as GOSESO visiting fellows. Details of these plans are outlined in the Study Abroad Program.

The following institutions within Tanzania have informally or formally agreed to become GOSESO partners and offered their support: the Kigoma District Council, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Tanzania Institute of Education, the National Environment Management Council, the Gombe National Park, and the Kiganza Village Council. Partnerships with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in Tanzania are under development.

National Environment Management Council (Tanzania):

"GOSESO will catalyze...development process...and spearhead environmental management in our country."

Ministry of Education and Culture (Tanzania):

" one of the first serious initiatives founded and led by the natives of an ecologically and socially degraded region."

Kigoma District Council (Lake Tanganyika Region):

"The District urgently serve our people."

Terry L. Sharik, Professor and Department Head (Utah State University):

"...what sets GOSESO apart from others is that it is being driven by an astute and dynamic young African rather than outsiders..."

Jack Shea, Executive Director (Teton Science Schools):

"We have had the pleasure of working with Yared for the past year and are excited to be a partner in this project... Teton Science Schools fully supports and is committed to the partnership with GOSESO. We strongly recommend Yared in his efforts to begin this remarkable project in Tanzania."