Study Abroad

GOSESO will support programs involving young students from across Africa and the world to study societal and environmental issues in Tanzania.

buildingOur partnerships with Utah State University and the Teton Science Schools in Wyoming, USA, ensure that we will apply more than educational research and techniques of outreach and experiential education to the issues within Tanzania. These partnerships will also involve a fellowship program bringing students from other countries to Tanzania to raise their awareness of the social as well as environmental issues facing both Africa and other continents.

Distance learning and other technological assistance will further strengthen that link especially on class projects, discussions, and presentations through several environmental and social science courses, outreach projects, and continuing education.

Visiting fellows at GOSESO will work in concert with fellows from Tanzanian schools and universities. Fellows will engage in daily activities at the GOSESO, design and implement environmental research projects and participate in outreach programs with local communities.

Study-AbroadAndrew Braithwaite, an undergraduate Quinney Scholar from Utah State University in the United States, spent the 2007 summer working for GOSESO in Tanzania. The following was his account:

"Working on GOSESO [in Tanzania], was without a doubt one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was constantly amazed at how all the stars seemed to align in favor of building GOSESO. The plot of land acquired is absolutely perfect. The support of the local community is overwhelming. The supply of gifted students ready to seize the opportunity that will be provided by the school is massive."