Fostering a new Generation of Africans inspired by Environmental Stewardship, community stability as well as economic sustainability.


Bridging human and wildlife prosperity through education for rural Africans that promotes self-reliance, economic as well as cultural vitality, human health and peace.


GOSESO focuses on developing new grassroots educational tools that integrate academic scholarship and participatory interaction with local people to create a curriculum shaped by practical needs assessments and the involvement of indigenous knowledge.

Our village outreach programs will provide public education on the complex environmental and social issues and will lead to more support for conservation while also building vibrant human societies. Our objectives are to:

  • Develop and employ community-based conservation as well as development strategies that promote economic, environmental and community sustainability;
  • Develop future leaders who recognize and appreciate the importance of nature in sustaining local cultural traditions while fostering economic opportunities;
  • Provide local communities with access to resources, information, as well as services that enhance understanding and strengthen partnerships among local stakeholders; and
  • Strengthen community relations by curbing the spread of disease, increase multi-ethnic understanding, and teach leadership to foster peace and social stability in the region.